Customer Support Guide

Customer Support Guide

The goal of this guide is to help Flex's partners enable their customer support teams to answer questions and resolve issues from consumers and when needed, escalate issues to Flex.

Note - Flex works with partner support teams so that partners continue to own the customer experience. There are rare times when we need to troubleshoot an issue and it is appropriate to introduce us to the customer directly.


The best way to reach Flex’s customer support is by emailing Our team will respond to you within 48 hours. (Note, please do not post this publicly for your customers. This should primarily be used by your support team)

If you have an urgent request or system outage issue, please email and with [URGENT] in the subject line.

Please provide the Flex team with the best alias to reach your support team. If we are seeing the same issue surface from multiple customers, two things will happen:

  • Flex support will work with our product team to roll out a broader fix.
  • Flex will also provide communications for your support team to use with customers experiencing the issue. Please disseminate this information across your team.


  • Shopify partners can issue a refund directly from the Shopify Admin Dashboard.
  • Flex API users can send an API request.
  • All partners can issue refunds from the Flex Dashboard as well.

Customer Support Best Practices

Partners should make a best effort to reduce the number of support tickets related to HSA/FSA by doing the following.

  • Merchants should publish either a landing page outlining their partnership with Flex and detailing. Flex provides templates and copy for these pages in our Marketing Guide.
  • In addition to the landing page, we recommend including details on HSA/FSA, Flex, and answers to common questions in your website’s general FAQ as well. Flex also provides a general FAQ on what HSA/FSAs, how do consumers save money etc.
  • Review the customer support playbook below and share it with your support team. Identify and publish the questions that are more common among your audience.

Customer Support Playbook

Below are the common questions we’ve seen from our partners over the past year. We will continue to update this page if and when new issues surface.

What is Flex and what is their relationship with [BRAND]?

[BRAND] has partnered with Flex to allow you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This means you can now use your HSA or FSA debit card to buy [INSERT BRAND OR PRODUCT NAME] with pre-tax dollars, resulting in net savings of 30-40%, depending on your tax bracket.

How do I pay with my HSA or FSA card?

To use your HSA or FSA debit card, add products to your cart as usual. At checkout, select “Flex | Pay with HSA/FSA” as your payment option, enter your HSA or FSA debit card, and complete your checkout as usual.

What if I don’t have my HSA/FSA card available?

If you don’t have your HSA or FSA card handy, still select “Flex | Pay with HSA/FSA” as your payment method. Enter your credit card information and Flex will email you an itemized receipt to submit for reimbursement.

Flex isn’t showing up as a payment option (Shopify partners)?

The key here is to make sure you are logged out of ShopPay. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go through checkout in an incognito window.

My HSA/FSA card keeps declining. What’s going on?

HSA/FSA cards are debit cards and so the most common reason for declines is insufficient funds. Reach out to your HSA/FSA administrator to confirm your balance.

I submitted my Flex itemized receipt for reimbursement and my FSA requires more information.

Please forward us the request from your FSA and we will work with the Flex team to issue you a new receipt.

I didn’t receive an email from Flex with my receipt. What do I do?

We will reach out to the team and have them re-send your receipt.

My purchase receipt from [BRAND] has a different number than what my FSA was charged. How can we resolve it?

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the discrepancy. We'll review the charges and get back to you with details of the likely refund shortly.

Why do I need to provide [Brand] with health information?

In order to qualify to use your HSA or FSA card for [insert product name], the IRS requires you to have a Letter of Medical Necessity. [Brand] has partnered with Flex to enable asynchronous telehealth visits as part of our checkout. Within 24 hrs of your purchase, Flex will email you both an itemized receipt.

What is a Letter of Medical Necessity?

A letter is basically a note from a doctor saying that you are purchasing an item to treat or manage a medical condition. More details can be found here.

Do I need to do anything with my Letter of Medical Necessity?

You should keep it on file for at least three years in the event of an IRS audit of your HSA or FSA account. Occasionally, FSAs may ask for the Letter to confirm eligibility of your purchase.

Can you re-write my Letter of Medical Necessity in my husband's/friend's name? I used their card for the purchase.

Unfortunately not. The individual who completed the checkout flow also completed an async telehealth visit with one of Flex’s providers in the background.

To change the details on the Letter of Medical Necessity, we can issue you a refund and your husband/friend etc. can go through the checkout flow themselves.

The date on my Letter of Medical Necessity is one day different from my receipt.

Thanks for letting us know! This may be a time zone issue. I’ve reached out to our partners at Flex to see if they can re-issue the Letter with an updated date.

My FSA says I need [a product name, NPI number, other info] added to my Letter for approval.

Generally, we’re not able to accommodate one off requests but we will reach out to our partners at Flex and see if we can accommodate your request.

A customer wants to use two HSA/FSA cards to pay for the crib. Is there a provision for that? Or is there a workaround to provide that? No, unfortunately this isn't a supported option today.

If they have insufficient funds in a single HSA or FSA account, they can instead enter a credit card on the Flex checkout page. They will receive their itemized receipt and Letter of Medical Necessity from Flex and can use those documents to submit for reimbursement for the whatever the available balance is in the account.