Payment Links

Payment Links

Accept HSA/FSA payments without building a storefront.

Accept a HSA/FSA as a payment method without building additional standalone websites or applications with Payment Links. Share the link as many times as you want on social media, in emails, or on your website.

How Payment Links work

Every time a customer navigates to the payment link url, Flex creates a unique checkout session based off of the parameters used to create the payment link.

The same set of webhooks that are relevant for checkout sessions also apply to payment links.

Along with the payment link url you can add various query parameters customize the checkout session experience such as:

  • client_reference_id - An identifier for the specific underlying chckout session
  • email - An email to prefill the checkout session with
  • first_name - A first name to prefill the checkout session with
  • last_name - A last name to prefill the checkout session with
  • phone - A phone number to prefill the checkout session with

With this we can customize a payment link for a single customer by sharing the following example URL: (opens in a new tab)